Look Out For 8 Ecommerce Trends In 2017

Look Out For 8 Ecommerce Trends In 2017
Ecommerce trends in 2017. A prediction by Internet Retailer claims that online spending in the US will generate $355 billion in 2016 to $400 billion by 2018. Programmatic Advertising is all about personalization. It uses a deeper database before deciding the type of ad to show to an audience. It’s about luring the right audience for the right type of ad at the right moment in time. You can customize the store offering for each of your customers and the get directly influenced by what they bought previously or clicked on during their stay at your store. The new automated marketing involves email marketing, customized landing pages, discount promotions, easy-to-access shopping carts, and even the recommended products that are shown to existing customers. Algorithms help customer segmentation and identification of patterns based on the customers’s browsing history. Humans still need to go in and double check the accuracy of the data but the Artificial Intelligence Algorithms takes out some of the work for you.

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