15 Ways To Promote Your Products Online

15 Ways To Promote Your Products Online
Use email marketing : loyal customers will be interested in seeing your latest products or news, so use email marketing to keep them in the loop and to offer them exclusive sneak peeks of special deals. Create an affiliates scheme : affiliates are greate because they do all the hard marketing for you, for just a small amount of commission. Work with bloggers : bloggers and vloggers are major influencers, so reach out to them to ask them to promote your products in exchange for freebies. Embrace social shops : twitter buy buttons, facebook shops and even buyable pinterest pins are all brilliant ways to maximise conversions from your social media pages. Reward referrals : satisfied customers will always be happy to recommend your brand or products to others, so create referrals schemes to reward those who have spread the word about your business. Create guides : buyers guides make greate resources for customers while carefully guiding them towards your products.

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