Mobile Commerce Growing 300% Faster Than Ecommerce

Mobile Commerce Growing 300% Faster Than Ecommerce
Mobile commerce is expected to grow at 42% while eCommerce to grow at 13% between 2013-2016. The fastest growing mobile commerce markets : Denmark, Norway, Sweden, China, Spain. Top 3 fastest growing emerging markets : India, Taiwan and Malaysia. Top 10 biggest mobile commerce retailers : Amazon, Apple, Jingdong Mail, Google Play, QVC, Walmart Stores, Otto Group, Suning Appliances Co, Sears Holding Co, Xiaomi. Top 3 countries with the highest number of mobile shoppers : China, United Arab Emirates, Turkey. Mobile Purchases : computer, multimedia, books, music, games, home & furniture, vehicle & equipment, office supplies, jewelry, apparel & accessories, pet supplies, health & beauty, baby kids toys, flowers & gifts…

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