Detailed Comparison of Magento vs Prestashop vs Opencart

Detailed Comparison of Magento vs Prestashop vs Opencart

Which one will you choose?

Opencart or Magento or Prestashop

Which is the best Ecommerce System?

An Infographic  will help you to see differences between them. It doing a detailed comparison of the Three Most popular Ecommerce system.

The inforgraphic is desgined by webnethosting. Because they receive so many inquiries about the differences between these shopping carts, they decided to put-together an infographic to make it easier for their customers to understand the distinctions between them.

You can see : MagentoOpencartPrestashop.

Opencart vs Magento vs Prestashop

10 thoughts on “Detailed Comparison of Magento vs Prestashop vs Opencart”

  1. Prestashop is a buggy software . Each and every version comes with more bugs.
    So choose between Magento or opencart.

  2. Hello, thanks for your article! In those 3 shopping cart system, in my opinion and my experience, I love opencart more because I think it is must easy for me to start up my business, it can set up easily within 15 mintues, after 15 minutes, i can have my own e shop on the internet! fantastic! Also, it is easy for me to make design on my own store, I can design my store logo and banner to promote my store! That’s why I love opencart!

  3. Hello,
    Thanks you for the review. I’m in between open cart 2.0 & prestashop 1.6 . Internet is full of comments for both solutions, and “buggy” it is mentioned on both. I would like to know a) which is the most powerful for the merchant – meaning which delivers optimum shopping experience, ceo & social competitiveness, control of stock, inventory, backorders, returns &etc b) how manageable are bugs towards stability taken to consideration the fact that a pro will be take care the issue.

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