zFashion – Free Opencart Theme

zFashion free opencart themes responsive templates

Author :Designed by ZEROCARTS
Open Source :Opencart
Features :Responsive Design, Html5, Css3, Simple and Elegant
Colors :Red, White
Opencart Compatibility :2.x, 3.x
Categories :Fashion, Clothes, Glasses, Shoes, Handbag
Compatible Browsers :Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE8+, Microsoft Edge

Download the version that is compatible with opencart :

Version 3.x

Version 2.x

18 thoughts on “zFashion – Free Opencart Theme”

  1. First for the free theme, i use it but found a bug, is possible i speak with someone about it to try solve ?

    Basic the problem is in the head of theme where appear:

    Login or Register

    This sentences appear always, even when you do the login.


  2. Hi I installed it on version and it doesn’t work. The layout is different but it does not look at all like your demo.

    What is wrong or what did I do wrong.

    1. Hi !! You have to add modules onto righ/left side. Go to Admin > Design > Layout and edit Home. Add whatever module you want and save it.

  3. I would like to know how to remove (or hide) top menu bar on the desktop size browser, but keep this dropdown menu in mobile version?

    1. Open file Stylesheet.css –> add this code at bottom

      #menu {display:none;}
      @media (max-width: 768px) {
      #menu {display: block;

      Change value you want : max-width
      max-width: 768 => Tablet,Mobile
      max-width: 460 => Mobile

  4. Hi,

    How to display featured image in 3 products per row in homepage opencart. By default it’s display 4 products per row.

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