zCamera – Free Opencart Theme

zCamera free opencart themes and responsive templates

Author :Designed by ZEROCARTS
Open Source :Opencart
Features :Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Html5, Css3, Simple and Elegant
Colors :Red
Opencart Compatibility :2.x, 3.x
Categories :Camera, Photo, Gallery
Compatible Browsers :Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE8+, Microsoft Edge

Download the version that is compatible with opencart :

Version 3.x

Version 2.x

22 thoughts on “zCamera – Free Opencart Theme”

  1. This would be my preferred theme if it was not for the search box. Any way to get the search box next to the cart content on top for pc view?

    1. Just stumbled across this theme and comment by Danie. I modified the following portion of the zcamera stylesheet.css in order to accomplish the move.

      /* search */
      #search {
      width: 220px;
      position: absolute;
      right: 270px; <==== this puts the search box just to the left of content
      bottom: 65px; <==== this puts it about the same vertical location

      Hope this helps someone.

  2. Hi, the installation went ok on OpenCart 2.2.0 and my site is now with your theme, but I don’t get the menu bar. What am I doing here?

  3. Hi, please don’t worry about the menu not getting displayed I posted few minutes ago. It was my error in setting-up the categories. All sorted and working fine. Thanks.

  4. Hey,
    This is an excellent theme! I love the pops of color around the camera. I wonder if it is possible to change the font of the namespaces in this theme.

    1. It’s simple. You only open file stylesheet.css and add code below at the bottom of file
      Code : .container{width: 100% !important;}

  5. Hi this theme looks great only got a few issues.

    Using the default theme I have a installed the following extension:-

    Extension >> Module >> Latest. and called it ‘Home Page’

    I’ve then added this to the layout:- Home >> Column Left

    However it shows no products? It works if I switch to default theme.

    Also if I use a datepicker the css is not formatted well as I cant see any of the txt/numbers

    *** Website is not currently live***

      1. Hi I’ve downloaded the theme again and reinstalled but still no latest products appear appear.

        Website is now online

          1. Hi, Yes I found the problem. all the pages are cached and had to delete them doing some other coding.

            On another note I’m re-coding the register to page to add some more fields, if you look at account register I have a date field. If you click on the button to pop up the date selection, its very hard to read, can you edit the stylesheet so its more clear, its also the same for the pop up Privacy Policy.

    1. Replace your color code at here :

      background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #D8225E, #B73794 25%, #7254B6 50%, #3981D1 74%, #3BBFEE);
      … }

      #menu {
      background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #D8225E, #B73794 25%, #7254B6 50%, #3981D1 74%, #3BBFEE);

  6. Hi,

    Your themes are not up to date and no longer working in latest versions of opencart. Do you plan to update your themes?

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