zMaxcart – Free Opencart Theme

zmaxcart 2 free responsive opencart templates

Author :Designed by ZEROCARTS
Open Source :Opencart
Features :Responsive Design, Html5, Css3, Bootstrap
Colors :Blue, Black
Opencart Compatibility :1.5.x, 2.x, 3.x
Categories :Technology, Car
Compatible Browsers :Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE8+, Microsoft Edge

Download the version that is compatible with opencart :

Version 3.x

Version 2.x

Version 1.5.x

[Version 1.5.x] – Modify size of products in modules (featured, latest, bestsellers, specials)

  • Size 160×160 with position : Content Top or Content Bottom
  • Size 80×80 with position : Column Left or Column Right

14 thoughts on “zMaxcart – Free Opencart Theme”

  1. Hi friends, I have this error:

    Notice: Undefined variable: icon in /home/ernesto/public_html/jascorp.biz.shop/catalog/view/theme/zmaxcart/template/common/header.tpl on line 20 Notice: Undefined variable: google_analytics in /home/ernesto/public_html/jascorp.biz.shop/catalog/view/theme/zmaxcart/template/common/header.tpl on line 39

    I’m trying to locate the code to cmment it, but please share with me some solution to this problem.

    I’m using OpenCart


      1. The second error about analytics looks like is only to change the name of a variable, let me try the change and I’ll write you.

  2. Hello,

    on opencart.com and here you describe that the theme is compatible with OC version 1.5.x, but where is the download for version
    Thanks for info.

  3. I downloaded and installed Version – Download (new), but it is not responsive. How can I make it responsive?

  4. Hello,

    There is no way to change any of the colors, correct? Or if there is, can you show me how?

    Otherwise, I love the theme. Its just that the “blue” of my website title is a bit lost in the blue of the theme.

    thank you,

    1. Hi, Do you want to change color of logo ???
      Fixed, you can redownload.
      Add the code below at the bottom of file stylesheet.css

      #logo a{color: #ffffff;}

      (you can change color : white/red/blue/green/yellow)

  5. The header background colour (behind the centred header background image) is a different colour in Firefox for some reason so it doesn’t match/blend with the image. It looks like the wrong hex/RGB colour code – but it’s fine in Safari…

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