Simple – Free Responsive Magento Templates

Simple - Free Responsive Magento Templates

The GPMD responsive Magento theme is a simple fluid base theme which can be easily used as a starting point for your projects.The styling has been kept purposely simple so it's easy to override. It's based on the base/default theme (with the demo store content), and has only a few template overrides to make the markup suitable for a responsive site.

Author :-NONE-
Open Source :Magento
Features :Responsive Design, Html5, Css3
Colors :White
Magento Compatibility :1.7.x
Categories :Simple
Compatible Browsers :Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE8+, Microsoft Edge

1 thought on “Simple – Free Responsive Magento Templates”

  1. When I visit the download link, on the page with the gpmd design there is a black box on the left to download zip, tar etc. I cant click on any of the links in that box, but other links on the page work.
    Eventually I was able to get the url from the page source & start my download, but something wrong with that black box area for sure.

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