8 OpenCart Extensions to Improve Your OpenCart SEO

OpenCart remains one of the most popular e-commerce solutions and, if you’re using it to power your own storefront, it might be time to start thinking about optimizing your setup.

Search engine optimization is a beneficial way of making your e-commerce solution more effective and you can simplify the process with some great, straightforward extensions. Take a look at some of these hand-picked plugins that’ll improve your OpenCart SEO and start reaping the benefits of an optimized e-commerce store.

1. OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator

OpenCart product listings are generally accessible through a bunch of different URLs, a SEO nightmare! This extension consolidates your OpenCart store’s URLs down to single canonical versions that do away with the SEO penalties of managing multiple links.

OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator

2. Ultimate SEO plugin for OpenCart

This extension handles fixing some of the biggest SEO issues common in OpenCart installations, including getting rid of duplicate URLs, offering SEO-friendly translated versions of your store and generated error pages.

Ultimate SEO plugin for OpenCart handles all this search engine optimization automatically, reducing the time you need to invest in it.

Ultimate SEO plugin for OpenCart

3. Opencart 1.5.X Full Seo – Auto Keyword

This plugin automatically generates SEO keywords based on the details you’ve already entered into product listings, reducing the time you need to spend coming up with them yourself.

Opencart 1.5.X Full Seo - Auto Keyword

4. OpenCart Canonical URLs SEO extension

A simple plugin that can be installed in minutes, this extension improves your OpenCart SEO by adding canonical tags to your store pages. Using this extension will avoid your store flooding search engines with duplicate pages that penalize your site’s ranking amongst others.

OpenCart Canonical URLs SEO extension

5. OpenCart: Category Name in Your Product Title Tag

By default, OpenCart only uses the name of a product in it’s title tag, resulting in non-descriptive search engine results. This extension addresses that by adding in the category name to your product’s title in order to improve your SEO and the appearance of your search listings.

OpenCart: Category Name in Your Product Title Tag

6. OpenCart Super Page Cache: Site speed booster

This extension cleans up OpenCart to address slow loading through caching your store, reducing the loading speed for end users and benefiting your search engine optimisation. Super Page Cache automatically caches the majority of pages in your OpenCart store, boosting your SEO and providing your with the tools to track performance.

OpenCart Super Page Cache: Site speed booster

7. Baltokoskis Opencart Quick Tags Generator

This straightforward plugin will automatically generate search engine optimized tags for your OpenCart product listings, including key details such as name, manufacturer and category. If you’re managing a store with many products, this extension cuts out all the time needed to manually enter these with simple generation.

Baltokoskis Opencart Quick Tags Generator

8. Ajax Image Loader

With many search engines taking load speed into account when ranking sites, optimising loading times is an important step in any site’s SEO. This extension loads your images asynchronously via Ajax so that initial page load times are heavily reduced, speeding up index times and improving your store’s search engine ranking.

Ajax Image Loader

You can find even more great OpenCart extensions in the OpenCart category at CodeCanyon.

2 thoughts on “8 OpenCart Extensions to Improve Your OpenCart SEO”

  1. Hi,
    I am using opencart with most of all usefull extensions since 2 years but my site ranking is not good in google and also working on linkbulding or exchange of links but not good result 🙁 If any one can guide me

  2. Hi,
    Great article, Here is a suggestion for a great extension for OpenCart SEO. It saved me a lifetime of adding all my keywords and descriptions etc…


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